The past few months have been a bit hectic (which is why you haven’t heard from me in a while), but I’m back now and I’m doing pretty darn well. A couple days ago, I ordered a table from Target to replace a desk that wasn’t working out for me.  It seemed all well and good, I got the package, opened it up, and pulled out all the pieces.

There was only one problem: the wood was not finished.

I briefly considered just not doing anything about it.  I built the table and, running my hand across the top, thought, “It’s only a little dusty, that’s probably fine, right?”

Then my big girl brain turned back on and said, “NO.” This is not fine, it needs to be fixed.  Not only that, but there is only one person here who can fix it: me.

I recently moved into my first apartment and I’m loving it, though it hasn’t been easy.  Over the past couple months, I’ve learned how to stain a table, how to open my window (surprisingly more complicated than it seems), and how to keep mice away from my food.  Every day I’m doing something new and I’m learning more than I have in a long time–which is saying something since I’m in my third year of college.

The most important thing I’ve learned from this experience is that we have to do things for ourselves.  While yes, if we are lucky, we have support systems behind us every step of the way (and I’m happy to say that mine has been incredible through this whole process) they can’t do everything for us.

When I was at the hardware store this morning, I called my dad to ask what I needed in order to finish this table.  He told me the basics and then recommended that I ask an employee.  I did, and that employee told me the same thing, I bought what I needed and returned to my apartment.

I was then faced with an unfinished table, wood stain, polyurethane (whatever that is), newspaper, and some rags.  There was no one else around to fix this table, except for me.

Now, about halfway through the process, I’m one step closer to having the apartment I want for myself.  I will never be able to thank those who have supported me up until now and continue to be positive forces in my life enough.  While I continue to think about ways I can, I’m going to go finish this table.


2 thoughts on “I just stained a table

  1. If I am being completely honest, I find that I often will look for the “easy” way out when it comes to diving into unfamiliar projects around the house. You know that thing they call your comfort zone? Well, anything home improvement related ain’t in it for me 😉

    But, I remember an experience about six months ago (I actually wrote a blog entry about it called ‘Great expectations’) and that title summed it up for me. Even if we don’t have the slightest clue what we are doing, it is amazing how powerful a positive outlook can be on the result of a project. It’s one of the many ways where taking the plunge into something new and then writing about it has really helped me to appreciate it more. And perhaps, most importantly, pass that mindset on to my eleven year old son.

    Which leads me to my final point, how can you thank those people who have supported you? Pass on your knowledge and more importantly positive can-do attitude to the next person who doubts what can be accomplished. The funny thing is that it doesn’t only help the other person, it helps you also 🙂

    Thanks for a wonderful post and best wishes for an inspired day 😉

    1. Thank you for your insight! It’s always good to know that other people have experienced this situation in similar ways. I like the idea of it being a pay it forward kind of deal. Thanks for reading!

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