If you’ve ever asked me for a book recommendation, you know I don’t take this request lightly.  I don’t casually offer a title that you’ve probably seen all over the news (this is me looking at everyone who recommends The Fault in Our Stars to someone who hasn’t specifically told you they haven’t read it).

I also don’t recommend my favorite books to everyone who asks.  When I talk about my favorite books, I often get wrapped up in a tongue-tied passion that invokes furrowed eyebrows and a confused “mhmm” from the person I’m talking to.  However, the books that instill this kind of passion in me don’t affect everyone in the same way.

When I recommend a book to someone, my goal is that they like it so much that they have to take three deep breaths to calm down before they can have a functional conversation about it (side note: I hope I’m not the only one who gets this excited about books).  I want them to enjoy it, which will not always happen if it is my favorite book because everyone connects to different stories in unique ways.

This intense diversity of how readers experience stories has previously intimidated me and I’ve allowed this to stop me from starting a series on this blog that I’ve always wanted to start.

I am intimidated, no more.

This posts marks the beginning of a new series for me, you guessed it: recommendations.  Each post will contain information about the story (with as few spoilers as possible) and why I think someone would like or dislike it.  I will be creating posts about short stories, novels, and poems.  For now, I will stick to the written word because that is what I know best, but perhaps I will expand the series in the future.

The first recommendation I’m going to post is for Stella Gibbons’ Cold Comfort Farm.  Look for it in the next couple days!


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