There is a lot of dystopian lit out there, so it’s often difficult to find a story that is unique and exciting to read.  I read Karen Thompson Walker’s The Age of Miracles at the recommendation of my good friend Kayla and I now second that for anyone else looking for a good summer read.

The Age of Miracles challenges the reader to think about how she or he does something as basic as structure her or his day.  As you read it, you can’t help but wonder why we set our clocks the way we do, if our lives reflect a healthy circadian rhythm, and so much more.  On top of this life altering “slowing,” the main character, Julia, faces what we all faced at her age.

Combining a subtle change in an otherwise perfectly recognizable setting with a coming of age story creates a fresh perspective on both.  Read about Julia’s life and you’ll learn more about your own.

I recommend this book to anyone look for a book to read in the park as the weather gets warmer.  It’ll certainly keep you thinking this summer.

You can find The Age of Miracles in a local book store, but just in case, you can buy it online here.


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